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Villasimius was originally founded by the Punici. It has become a tourist destination because of its enchanting scenery, and in particular because of it's the marine habitat, which now forms part of the Marine Reserve of Capo Carbonara on the coast between the Tower of Capo Boi and the Island of the Serpentara.

Since the 1980's, following the opening of the International Center of Experimental Arts, it has become an important location for European artists. Along the coast of Villasimius the visitor can admire numerous towers which were built by the Aragons, and the Beaches of Sa Ruxi, Campulongu, Del Riso and Notteri.

The archaeological remains here are of great importance; there are the Roman Necropolis of Accu is Trajas, ls Cuccureddus, site of a Punic cult, and numerous findings, which are preserved in the Archaeological Museum of Villasimius and divided in subdivisions of the Sea, the Territory, the Shipwrecks and the Sanctuary.

The most important events held in the town are those of the Sagra della Madonna del Naufrago, a procession leading to the sea's edge which is performed on the second Sunday in July.

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