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Riva del Garda: introduction

Riva del Garda Hotel

Dominated by the spectacular scenery of Lake Garda, Riva del Garda is situated in a unique position, immersed in a patchwork of landscapes from the Mediterranean to the mountainous, framed by the Dolomites.

It is a place with a great history and a culture of truly ancient origins, traces of which can be found in the various sites to be visited such as Piazza III Novembre, the Casa del Comune, Piazza S. Rocco, the Church of St Rocco and St Virgilio, Porta San Marco, the Apponale tower, Porta San Francesco, the Church of St. Maria Assunta, the Fort and the Civic Museum.

In addition to the beauties of the Riva del Garda, those who enjoy excursions will love the walks which lead into the hills, where one can visit the Bastione, the Church of St Barbara, the Port of St Nicolò, the Villino Campi and Punta Lido.

The districts of Riva del Garda are also worth visiting, districts such as San Tommaso, where one finds the small Church dedicated to the Archbishop of Canterbury, Thomas Becket and then there is Varone, Campi and Pregasina where one can admire the Church of St Giorgio.

Riva del Garda: suggestions from the hotels

Romina, Christian e Monica

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Monroc Hotel

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Romina, Christian e Monica

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Famiglia Tevini

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Famiglia Tevini

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