Dale Farm in the High Court next month as the council seeks another eviction

from Grattan Puxon Unfortunately for those at Basildon Council and the Department for Communities and Local Government, the homeless families of Dale Farm will not go away. Next month the high court will again hear of the terrible conditions the evicted families are still facing having been forcibly evicted in 2011. This is in effect … Continue reading


Maria: The making of a ‘Roma Blood Libel’ story

The Traveller Solidarity Network condemns the raids against Roma people in Greece and Ireland and the international demonisation of the Roma as child stealers and traffickers. We will do what we can to support the Roma community against this vicious attack. We call on all those of good will who believe in justice and oppose racism to do the same. We … Continue reading

10/09/13 Massive raid

Police Raid on Smithy Fen : An Account

On Tuesday morning over 50 police officers raided several homes at Smithy Fen, a Traveller site in Cambridgeshire where we have many friends. What made this heavy-handed assault even more egregious was that a number of those raided faced eviction less than two years ago at Dale Farm. The picture is still unclear, although many … Continue reading

Dale Farm supporters occupy the Department of Communities and local Government and scuffle with Police on the anniversary of the Dale Farm eviction. 19-10-12

Pickles ‘Declares War’ on Travellers

UNDER ATTACK – WE FIGHT BACK Eric Pickles, Secretary of State for Communities has launched a guidance paper “Dealing with illegal and unauthorised encampments – A Summary of Powers”.  This document brings together an amoury of legislation and legal processes, old and new, which can be used against Travellers.  Pickles makes no attempt to hide … Continue reading


Dale Farm Protestor Awarded Damages For Police Detention

  A supporter of families at Dale Farm who was arrested during the forced eviction in 2011 has been awarded damages this week. Lu Smith, one of many arrested during the eviction, has settled her claim for damages against Essex Police. She was arrested at Dale Farm on 19 October 2011 while there as an … Continue reading

Smithy Fen: A call for provision for Irish Travellers

In 2012–2013 Cambridge City and South Cambridgeshire District Council received the following funding from the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) for traveller site provision: January 20121  Cambridge City Council                        £500,000         15 new/additional pitches January 20132  South Cambridgeshire District Council  £137,982         2 new/additional pitches South Cambridgeshire District Council  £965,874         14 improved pitches How is this money … Continue reading


Basildon Council orders Dale Farm families to pay for their own eviction

In October 2011, Basildon Council violently evicted 83 families from land they owned (at Dale Farm) because they did not have planning permission. Now, Basildon Council has told families who have virtually nothing left that they must pay £4.3 million for the cost of the eviction! Many of the families had lived in Basildon for … Continue reading


ROMA NATION DAY 2013, 7 April, Noon at Kensington Gardens

AMARO BARO DIVES! Londonesko Romano Themutno Dives: Kurko 7 Aprili 12.00 hr at Kensington Gardens, W8 Aven tumen e chavensa! Piknik (habe, pibe) Basalipe, chavarikano kelipe. Protesto: STOP “anti-Roma” rasismo. Lavinia Olmazu ano Durban, South Africa in 2001 bersh ROMA NATION DAY 8 April is being marked this year with “joined-up” action across Europe and … Continue reading


Time for an apology

George Monbiot’s response to the strong criticisms we leveled against his racist anecdote about Travellers in a boxing day Guardian article fundamentally conflates our charges against the article with a wholesale attack on the author’s identity. This confusion allows Monbiot to defend his article with a defense of himself, and thereby willfully miss the point. … Continue reading


To George Monbiot and The Guardian…

Racism against Travellers leads to violent attacks, verbal abuse and continued impoverishment. In 2011, hundreds of riot police evicted and destroyed the largest Irish Traveller site in the country, Dale Farm, leaving dozens homeless, including children. Over the past year, Romani people in Hungary, France and Italy have been attacked and killed by right wing … Continue reading


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