Mount Bromo On Map

By | August 9, 2019

A travel guide to hiking mount bromo indonesias most famous volcano located in east java. When looking on the map youll immediately notice that mount bromo and ijen crater are far from other cities and touristic areas.

Smoking Mount Bromo Geri Dagys Photography

Gunung bromo is an active volcano and part of the tengger massif in east java indonesia.

Mount bromo on map. Mount bromo is one of the biggest highlights of indonesia. While it may be small following measured next to additional volcanoes in indonesia. The nearest aiport in surabaya sub is 4 hours away from mount bromo.

The port of ketapang in east java closest to bali is more than a 2 hours drive away from kawah ijen the nearest sight. Mount bromo is arguably indonesias most famous volcano as well as the sexiest. Mount bromo which stands tall at 2329 m is the most iconic and the most hiked mountain in indonesia.

Fertile rice terraces give way to a blanket of lava sands and the smoldering grandeur of mount bromo usually trailing a wisp of volcanic smoke. Includes all the information youll need for planning your trip. Located on the regions awesome tengger massif stretching 10 kilometers across this is best seen at dawn as the sun rises over a stunning vista.

This is one of the top 10 things to do in java and rightly so. The nearest citiestowns are malang or probollingo. Only a short plane train and automobile ride away from the relaxing beaches of bali.

At 2329 meters 7641 ft it is not the highest peak of the massif but is the most well known. Mount bromo is a 45 minute walk from the village of cemoro lawang. I used probollingo as a base to visit mount bromo and it was a 15 hour moped drive to the entrance from probollingo.

Mount bromo is a part of the bromo tengger semeru national park that covers a colossal place of 800 square km. It is an adventure that shouldnt be overlooked on any trip to southeast asia. Mount bromo google map located some 4 hours drive from surabaya the capital of east java.

The mountain beckons majestically despite having the entire top blown off and with a crater inside that keeps spewing off white sulphurous smoke. For the main article that includes the sand sea and the mount semeru area see bromo tengger semeru national park. Find out how to get from surabaya to cemoro lawang what should you bring where the secret free passage is and how to hike mount bromo for free without using a tour.

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