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With a territory which extends from the top of mountains all the way down to the sea, across an enchanting and varied landscape, Tramonti "terra intra montes" was one of Italy's most prosperous seaside towns. Tramonti reached it maximum splendour under the rule of the Republic of Amalfi, when it was the chosen residence of many a noble family and their illustrious guests. The seafaring people of Amalfi gave the North wind coming from Tramonti the name "Tramontana".

An idea of the past importance of Tramonti can be gained simply by walking through any of the town's thirteen districts, the streets of which are lined with elegant churches and ornate patrician palaces. Each summer, Tramonti hosts a number of important theatrical reviews and concerts. Throughout the year, a series of events to celebrate the local gastronomic and cultural traditions are held in the town.

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