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Lost in grapes

In Cermes, amidst the vines of the Kränzler estate

Lost in grapes

A magnificent display of golden yellows, deep chocolate browns and fiery reds welcomes the traveler who visits Merano and the surrounding countryside in the autumn.

This is the time of year in which to catch a glimpse of nature flaunting a last tantalizing flurry of color, before covering up in her thick, white, winter coat.

Autumn is the perfect walking season, when the numerous itineraries through the countryside of Val d'Adige are, often, most rewarding

The multiple passions of Count Franz Graf Pfeil

The 650 year old Kränzler estate is in the town of Cermes, and is surrounded by orchards and vineyards.
Here, in 2006, Count Franz Graf Pfeil decided to create a garden which would reflect his love of contemporary art, nature and wine.

Set amidst the grapevines of the Kränzler estate, the Count's park is now home to works by artists of International standing.

Park and gardens

At the entrance to the park, there is a little wooden chalet in which you can taste and purchase the excellent wines produced on the Kränzler estate.

Inside the park, a route first leads through the wood of mulberry trees. The path then divides, giving visitors the sensation of a symbolic journey.

Having traversed four different gardens, the Garden of Chestnuts, the Garden of Eternal Rest, the Garden of Fruits and the Garden of Dogwood, visitors come across a classic, stone paved labyrinth surrounded by roses and oak trees.
A small pond with aquatic plants provides a charming water feature.
The walk then leads to the three terraces; the architecture of each is different from the other.

A maze in grapes

Finally, visitors arrive in the heart of the garden, a labyrinth of vines extending over some 3000sqm, designed by the famous maze creator, Gernot Candolini.

The paths of the labyrinth are lined with 10 different varieties of vine, which continue to produce fruit from summer until late autumn

Whilst attempting to make their way out of the maze, visitors are free to sample the different types of grapes.

The route is both physical and symbolic, created in such a way as to encourage the traveler to enter into total harmony with nature.

The Amphitheater and the Mill

Emerging from the vines, visitors are met by the sight of a fabulous grass-covered amphitheater and a play area in which an ancient drum-like instrument, used in rituals of shamanic meditation, takes pride of place.

It's well worth stopping for a bite to eat at the estate's romantic Mill Restaurant, created in an old mill, to enjoy Chef Othmar Raich's delicious dishes which are scented with the wild herbs growing in the woods surrounding Cermes.

Kränzler labyrinth
Via Palade 1 39010
Cermes (Bolzano)
Tel: +39 0473 564549


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