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Eating slow in Cilento

Homemade cakes, cooking and more - at maison d'hôte Il Cannito

Want to savor the flavors of the coast and countryside of Cilento? You'll love Paestum's Il Cannito.
Your full immersion in the flavors and aromas of Cilento begins even before you arrive at Il Cannito country resort: the warm sea breeze laced with the scents of myrtle and juniper which greets you as you make your way through the typically Mediterranean flora carpeting the hills of Capaccio is a taste of things to come.
You're in the green heart of Cilento, close to the town and temples of Paestum, where, 25 years ago, Luigi Gorga fell in love with an old country house and set about transforming it into a stylish maison d'hôte - steeped in tradition and immersed in natural beauty.

Breakfast with Santa

Stay at Il Cannito and wake up to the delicate aroma of freshly baked cakes, made by Santa, one of the owners' daughters.
Santa makes cakes with the same passion with which she writes the pages of her blog. Ask to taste her famous lemon meringue pie, which she presented on a well-known television program for aspiring cooks (Attenti al Cuoco, on the Casa Alice channel). Always more than happy to share her recipes with guests, Santa organizes cooking courses designed to teach holidaymakers the basics of cooking, Cilento-style, and the secrets of the region's pasta and other much-loved specialties.

Made in Cilento

The young chef explains how ideas about healthy eating, the quality of the primary ingredients used, and the love with which each dish is prepared are in her family's DNA.
The stars in Il Cannito's kitchen are, not surprisingly, the local products of Cilento and, in particular, the area's wonderfully fresh mozzarella, "tondo" artichokes from Paestum, Controne beans, tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, cacio ricotta and caciocavallo podolico cheeses, white figs and honey.

Naturally Delicious

By reservation only, Il Cannito serves a maximum of 30 people at just a few elegantly laid tables. The warm colors of the dining room are the same as those of the magnificent Mediterranean landscapes visible outside.

In the summer, Il Cannito's panoramic terrace, with its view of the sea and the island of Capri, provides a fabulous venue for an al fresco lunch.

Lunch on Board

On the Cilento coast, just a few kilometers away from the hills where Il Cannito is located, ancient fishing customs are still observed with a passion. Among these traditions is the preparation of Menacia anchovies, which are caught from April to July and left to season in traditional terracotta vases. After three months, the anchovies are ready to be used in spaghetti sauces or in salads, dressed with olive oil, lemon, garlic, and parsley.

The owners of Cannito offer guests the opportunity of taking a boat trip along the coast of Cilento (and as far as Capri and the Amalfi Coast), including an on-board lunch of traditionsl local treats.

Cilento in your Glass

For wine lovers, Il Cannito organizes tours of the San Giovanni farm, one of the first in the area to produce and bottle high quality wines from Cilento. Tastings include 4 different types of wine produced with the grapes grown on the farm: Paestum, Tresinus, Maroccia and Castellabate. Wines are accompanied wby a selection of homemade breads, cold meats, and cheeses.

Where the White Figs Grow

Another itinerary designed to introduce visitors to the cuisine of Cilento takes visitors to the Santomiele farm, in Ogliastro, where the Gorga family has been cultivating the White Fig of Cilento for generations. This tour is a great opportunity not only to learn about one of the area's most highly-prized products, but also to stock up on capicollo ham made with figs, nuts and fennel, figs dipped in dark chocolate, figs in limoncello liqueur and other fig-filled delicacies too!

A Bag Full of Buffalo

Cilento is famous for its buffalo dairy farms like the Tenuta Vannulo. Guests staying at Il Cannito can opt to take a trip to Tenuta Vannulo's cheese factory. Here they are able to taste the celebrated buffalo mozzarella; yogurteria, which produces delicious yogurts, ice-creams and puddings made with buffalo milk, and can also visit the leather shop, which sells beautiful bags and other artisan accessories handmade from buffalo hide.

"Insider" Guide to the Temples

Of course, you couldn't possibly come to Paestum without seeing the town's world famous archeological site: a major tourist attraction and very much part of the spirit of the place and the people who live here. Il Cannito's tours, led by guides who have grown up in the shadow of the temples, will give you a unique insight into Paestum, both past and present.

Il Cannito
Maison d'Hôte
Via Cannito
84047 Capaccio - Paestum (Sa)
Tel: +39 0828 1962277
+39 333 3652324

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