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Existing since the VII century, Castellammare di Stabia owes its name to the ancient 10th century fortress which was built close to the sea's edge by the Sorrentine rulers to defend their dukedom. There are numerous traces of the art and history of past centuries in the buildings to be seen here such as the Church of Gesù e Maria, the Medieval Castle, the Cathedral, the Church of S.S. Salvatore, the Cave of St Biagio, the Antiquarium Stabiano, the Palazzo Reale and the Quisisana, St Francesco a Quisisana, St Maria di Pozzano, Villa Arianna and Villa Romana.

The ship building arsenal of Castellammare di Stabia is of great importance to the town, and it is here that an impressive number of important vessels are made. Castellammare di Stabia is also known for its thermal waters, the benefits of which are appreciated by close to a million people each year; there are two principal spas: the Antiche Terme Stabiane and the Nuove Terme collocated on the hill of Solaro. From Castellammare di Stabia visitors can partake in numerous excursions such as that to Lettere within the Lattari Mountains and to Gragnano.

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Villa Oriana Relais

Guest Houses


Villa Oriana Relais is the ideal place where you can enjoy a peaceful holiday in a family atmosphere. It is surrounded by an orchard with orange and lemon trees and lies on on a hill with a fantastic view of the Gulf of Naples and Vesuvius. (Villa Oriana Relais) →

Pierluigi D'Armiento


Villa dei D'Armiento


Pierluigi D'Armiento

Need a strategical gateway to Sorrento Peninsula and Amalfi Coast? Villa D'Armiento is the best one, with a spectacular view from "Belvedere Marinella" just a few steps far from the residence. (Villa dei D'Armiento) →

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